Professional Development Workshops

Spring 2001

Wednesday Workshop for Project Development

Thursday Technology Integration Workshop

PS 11 Tuesday Workshops

PS 92 Tuesday Workshops

Fall 2000

Literacy Is Not Only Writing: Liberty High School

Simulations and Webquests: Academy of American Studies

Wednesday Workshop at TC

PS 48 Project: 4th Grade Research

PS 92 Project: Improving Literacy

PS 128/ St. Elizabeth Project: 100th Day of School Celebration

Teaching The New Deal and Depression in the Digital Age

An End to Cut and Paste: Liberty High School Workshop

Webliographies and Webquests: Heritage High School Workshops

1999-2000 Workshops

Eiffel workshops are a means to cultivate a community of teachers within the ILT Eiffel schools who have a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which new technologies can be integrated across the curriculum, as a professional development tool, and a primary means to improving the quality of resources available in education and access to them. It is ILT's response to the demand for highly focused and integrated professional development support, resulting in a cadre of teachers capable of highly innovative technology integration, founded on sound and progressive pedagogies.

In the 1999-2000 school year, the 33 ILT Eiffel schools were "clustered" into 6 groups of about 5-6 schools each. The schools were clustered according to grade first, then geography. Teachers from each school attended workshops with the other teachers in their cluster. An ILT staff member worked with the clusters to do some basic skills training, curricular integration work, and to expand teachers' knowledge of the uses of technology in education.

ILT staff and Interns also provided individual support to the teachers in their classrooms.