We'll be hosted for our second meeting by our colleagues at Beacon High School. We'll take some time to get to know one another a bit better and to revisit the goals and objectives for our Eiffel Cluster Workshops. We'll go on to explore some potential strategies for integrating technology into our classroom environments while considering our obligation to produce a project of our own.

Tasks and Process

4:00: Log on to the Eiffel Website and locate your Power Point Slide 4:30: Demonstration and Exploration of Resources and General Teaching Strategies 5:45: Journal Write/ Evaluate Yourself and Your Progress 6:00 pm Adjourn



Click your mouse on the blue highlighted underlined "links" to explore different strategies for incorporating technology into your lesson planning. Remember, if you don't have quite enough time today, you can access this website anytime.

There are many websites that offer various kinds of assistance to secondary teachers in each of the disciplines. You might want to check some of the sites under your discipline to see the breadth and range of content possibilities.

General Teaching Resources

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Blue Web'n Knowledge Network Explorer

Curriculum Resources that Integrate Technology:
Models and Examples

There are many ways to integrate technology into the curriculum. What follows are a few examples. They have been chosen because they represent categories or models for potential teaching strategies

Virtual Expeditions

A Guided Tour of Globalearn

On your own:

Take a look at some other "Expedition" type options to see if any of them offer opportunities that might benefit your students.

Journey North
Galapagos Quest

Asia Quest

I* Earn Global Projects

Webmuseum, Paris


Webquest Strategies

The Webquest Strategy requires students to investigate multiple sources of information, gather appropriate data, and synthesize the information in a way that demonstrates their understanding of the topic under consideration. The Guided Investigation into Webquests that follows will allow you to assess some sample Webquest and make judgments about the  characteristics that may make some lessons stronger than others.

On Your Own:

Check out the Matrix of Webquest Examples and consider a theme, topic, unit, or lesson for which you are responsible and how it might lend itself to a Webquest approach. We'll investigate the strategy more intensively next time.