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We'll take the first half hour or so and discuss the potential for using Power Point introductions in classroom settings. We'll look at how some students have used power point to make presetnations and think about Power Point from both teacher and student perspectives. We'll conclude this first segment of the workshop by taking some time to write in our logbooks about how to personalize all of this power point stuff. 

Next, we'll introduce Track Star, a web-based tool for organizing and structuring student research. Along the way we'll need to think about strategies for finding appropriate sites and then, for evaluating what we find. Please remember to bring along a good theme or topic that you plan to teach later in the year, and some of the resources that you might use for such a lesson. The result will be that the work we do will have very practical applications

Tasks and Process

NOTE: Bring materials that you would normally use to teach one of your second marking period topics, themes or units. We will use these resources to develop our web-based research project.

4:00: Log on to the Eiffel Website and locate our Power Point slides from last meeting. Share your thoughts about how Power Point presentations might be integrated into your curriculum. Is there a potential project for you here?

 4:30-5:15: Locating and Evaluating Quality Websites

    Using the theme or topic that you plan to develop over the next two meetings as your subject, locate five websites that students might visit to learn more about that topic. You might find some of the general resources listed below helpful in getting started...


Global Studies Resources

General Social Studies Sites

General Teaching Resources

Museums and Virtual Field Trips

United States History Resources

   Using one or more of the evaluation instruments introduced, select the two sites that you find least helpful. Briefly explain your decision. Discuss why you chose to keep the sites you did as well as why you selected certain sites to discard. 

5:30-5:45: Introduce Track Star

    Create a "Webliography" of useful sites using the Track Star format. We'll go through the process together the first time and then, you will have the remainder of the workshop to develop your "track"

5:50: Journal Write/ Evaluate Yourself and Your Progress

6:00 pm Adjourn