Thursday, May 24, 2001
4:00-6:00 pm

Teachers College 

50 Thorndike


Workshop Goal:

Our goal for these final workshop sessions will be to present and learn from our colleagues the broad range of technology lesson strategies that have resulted from our experience together. Please come on the 24th or 31st prepared to take about 20 minutes to share your project with our group using whatever technology is appropriate.


4:00-4:15- Reconnecting

  • Review attendance forms
  • Adjust today's presentation schedule as needed

4:15-6:00- Presentations

Each workshop participant will prepare and demonstrate a technology supported lesson strategy according to the schedule below. Plan to use appropriate technology as you point out the educational goals and objectives of the project you designed. Your presentation should focus on the understandings, content, skills and activities that students will encounter when they participate in your proposed project.

Your demonstration might include a:

  • Short description of goals of project and the process involved
  • Short discussion of pro's and con's of your experience in developing and implementing project
  • Brief overview of student work resulting from implementation of project
  • Request for feedback on particular issues or hurdles you confronted in implementing project
  • Brief discussion of "lessons learned" from the overall experience


Brent 5/24     4:15 PM
Theo             4:30 
Carol             4:45
Barbara             5:00
Melissa             5:15 
Sally             5:30


5:45-6:00- Final Questions, Concerns, Issues

6:00- Adjourn