Thursday, April 5, 2001
4:00-6:00 pm

Teachers College: 
50 Thorndike


4:00-4:30: Reconnecting

Our goal for this and the workshops scheduled to follow on April 19th, 26th, will be to develop the skills necessary for designing a WebQuest- a web based strategy for structuring student work using the resources available on the world wide web. Therefore, you should come to the next workshops with a unit, theme, or topic that lends itself to reporting, research and/or investigation by students. This will provide the basis for the Webliography we will develop during the first session.

4:30-5:45: Create a "Webliography" of sites using Microsoft Word. We'll go through the process together the first time and then, you will have the remainder of the workshop to develop your "webliography". Remember that this webliography is intended to provide the resources for your students to consult when they eventually tackle the WebQuest you design. You should include no less than five sites in your Webliography.

You might find some of the general resources listed below helpful in getting started...


Search Tools

Biological and Environmental Science

Current Events

Global Studies Resources

General Social Studies Sites

General Teaching Resources

Language Arts Sites


Primary and Elementary Sites

Teacher Resources

United States History Sites

Science Resources


5:15-5:30: Homework- Consider an evaluation strategy to determine the quality of your websites

(For a compelling rationale, consult:
Alan November. "Teaching Kids to be Web Literate." Technology and Learning, March, 2001. Included in your packet.)

Using the evaluation instrument (Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources) provided, assess any two sites that you have listed in your Webliography and then, based on your evaluation, determine whether you would keep or discard these two sites and discuss why you made the choice you did.

5:30:  Adjourn