Tues, March 7, 2000
4-6 pm

Teachers College: 

50 Thorndike


Our goal for this workshop will be to continue developing the skills necessary for designing a WebQuest- a web based strategy for structuring student work using the resources available on the world wide web. 

You should come to this workshop with a unit, theme, or topic that lends itself to research and/or investigation by students. This will probably be represented by the Webliography we worked on at the last meeting


4:00-4:30- Introduction to WebQuest

     We'll look at examples of  WebQuests designed by teachers from all grade levels and disciplines. Using the homework assignment: A WebQuest About WebQuests, we'll make some judgements about the characterisitcs of effective WebQuest lesson strategies. 

4:30-5:00- WebQuest Design: 

Practicing the skills necessary to implement a WebQuest

     Another look at TrackStar. Kate will demonstrate some handy techniques for generating a "Webliography" using the TrackStar format.

     We'll use a WebQuest "design template" to design and create a web page that will allow you to make your  WebQuest available on the World Wide Web.  As you proceed with your work you might want to consult the "help sheet" as a reminder of how to perform certain tasks.

5:00-5:45- On your own. 

     Continue with the design and creation of your own WebQuest. 

5:45-6:00- Reflection and Next Steps