Tues, Feb. 8, 2000
4-6 pm

Teachers College: 

50 Thorndike


We'll take some time to review the lesson strategies that emerged following our last meeting; and respond to any questions or issues that have been raised in the time since we last met.     

Next, we'll return to the digital camera and further explore potential of Power Point as an instructional tool. You may wish to bring along some of the resources you use for a presentation-type lesson which you normally teach later in the school year so that the work we do might have very practical applications

Tasks and Process

4:00: Log on to the Eiffel Website and locate our agenda from last meeting. What are you thinking in terms of a potential project?

4:15-5:30: Demonstration and Activities related to Teaching with Power Point.

NOTE: Consider bringing along materials that you would normally use to introduce or present one of your fourth marking period topics, themes or units. You might find an opportunity to use these resources as you create the slides you will use in your Power Point presentation

5:45: Logbook Entries/ Reflection/ Application 

6:00 pm Adjourn