Eiffel Comes to PS 92 
Session 3
Teaching With Technology:
Applying E-Mail Skills

                                   Teachers College/ 50 Thorndike
                                             3:30-5:30 pm   


Administrative Stuff

                            Checking Credits, Collecting Money Orders, etc


·         Learn email using the Hotmail program

·         Locate terms on the menu bar (Inbox, Reply, Reply to All, Deleted Items, Forward, and Sent Items)

·         Compose an email and send it to a colleague in the room

·         Discuss ways email can be used professionally



·         Reconnecting to last week’s workshop using e-mail

·         Distribution of e-mail handouts

Tasks and Process:

3:45 – 5:00     

·         Introduction to Key terms

·         Email Demonstration

·         Open email accounts           

·         Work Time


·         Group brainstorm: How can email be used in the classroom and for instructional purposes?



·         Follow-up e-mail assignment

·         Summary

·         Comments, questions and thoughts.

                                          ·         Adjourn