Eiffel Comes to PS 92

October 20, 2000




The focus of this week’s workshop will be on the uses of technology in teaching patterns in literacy development. We’ll work with portions of text taken from children’s books as we explore means to employ the power of technology to improve literacy.



  • On Desktop, find the electric blue “e
  • Click to bring up Internet Explorer and your ticket to browse the World Wide Web



Copy and Paste text into Microsoft Word Document

  • Click on Start Menu
  • Go to programs
  • Find Microsoft Office and click
  • Locate Microsoft word and click. Minimize it
  • Return to The Writings of Dr Seuss
  • Highlight the text you want to copy
  • Go to Edit at top of page and click
  • Find copy and click (now you have copied and stored the text)
  • Return now to the blank Microsoft Word page
  • Place the curser near the place where you wish to copy the text
  • Go to Edit and find paste and click (now you have copied the text into your word processor and may edit it)
  • Sample


Editing the Text

Use the highlight tool to Highlight Rhyming Words; other patterns

  • Different color font for new vocabulary words
  • Create link for definitions of difficult words
  • Import an image to illustrate text
  • Create an audio file for portion of poem
  • Create hyperlink to website that will inform the text