Eiffel Comes to PS 92

November 3, 2000


Participants at the second session of the Technology and Literacy Workshop should come with the materials necessary to create a lesson plan designed to integrate technology into the teaching of reading and/or writing.

Following a brief review of last week's session we will dedicate this workshop period to an opportunity to work independently to develop a classroom strategy under guided conditions. Participants should come with:

  • Some text to use as the basis of their lesson plan. The text should be no longer than one to two paragraphs and may be copied and pasted from the web or scanned from a student text.

  • An image to import into the document. The image may be taken from the web or scanned from another source.

  • A lesson idea that will take advantage of the tools we investigated at our last session:
    • Highliting text
    • Using different colored fonts
    • Creating audio files
    • Hyperlinks to helpful hints