Thursday, Feb. 15, 2001
4-6 pm

Teachers College: 

50 Thorndike


We'll take some time to review the suggestions that emerged following our last meeting; and respond to any questions or issues that have been raised in the time since we last met. We'll revisit our email and egroup accounts- resolve any issues and reward those who were able to answer the quiz question.  

Next, we'll turn to the fundamentals of Navigating the Desktop and File Management. 

Tasks and Process

4:00: Log on to the Eiffel Website and locate our agenda from last meeting. Review our last meeting. What issues and questions do you have? What are you thinking in terms of a potential project?

Taking care of business - G credit requirements (money orders) / surveys

4:15-5:30: Demonstration and Activities 

An Activity: Design some letterhead stationery for your classroom. Something that you could use to send a message home to parents. Your letterhead should include:

Instructions and Extra Credit Activities: Click here if you need some help or if you would like to tackle some additional projects that will challenge your word processing skills.

Winding Down

5:45: Logbook Entries/ Reflection/ Application 

Adjourn at 6:00 pm