Thursday, March 1, 2001
4-6 pm

Teachers College: 

50 Thorndike


We'll take some time to review the lesson strategies that emerged from our last meeting; and respond to any questions or issues that have been raised in the time since we last met.     

Next, we'll turn to an exploration of the potential of Power Point and Hyperstudio as an instructional tool. Since these are multimedia tools, they will be a good way to look at the uses of scanning pictures and using the digital camera as an integral part of your lessons. For this project you may wish to bring along some of the resources you have used in the past for a presentation-type lesson which you normally would teach later in the school year, especially if you have images. This will assure that the work you do will have very practical classroom applications. 

Tasks and Process

4:00: Log on to the Eiffel Website and locate the agenda from last meeting. Do you have any questions or items that we need to review? Once again think ahead to the development of a final classroom project... Do you have any solid ideas yet?


Using Digital Cameras and Scanner - adding your own images to your documents.
"Cheat Sheet" on How to Insert Images in Word

Demonstration of Power Point 

NOTE: Consider bringing along materials that you would normally use to introduce or present one of your fourth marking period topics, themes or units. You might find an opportunity to use these resources as you create the slides you will use in your Power Point presentation

Using Hyperstudio: A Graphical Tutorial  

In this activity, we will be using Hyperstudio as a means of showing how such software tools can be used in the classroom. One very powerful use is to present materials in an exciting and motivating way to your students, challenging them to do so as well (modeling presentation skills). Today we will only practice how to use it, making only three slides. But later you can use this with the materials you are preparing for class, to see how your students react.

Use the Tutorial as your guide. Your task is to make the following three cards:

Your lesson doesn't have to include the information that can be found in a textbook. You can use the cards as a way of presenting your notes, a way of publicizing a project with explanations of student roles - here the Hyperstudio stack would serve as an organizational tool. After you feel comfortable with this software, you can have your students using it as well, producing exciting reports, research, challenges, and much more. Students love using it. It can become their digital portfolio as well.

There are many uses for Hyperstudio. In your logbooks, answer the following and we will discuss this together:

5:45: Logbook Entries/ Reflection/ Application 

6:00 pm Adjourn