PS 128: Audubon

Project NATION and Project SPACE

Thursdays, May 25-June 15, 2000
3:00 - 5:00 pm

(PS 128: Audubon School)




The remaining workshops scheduled for the spring, 2000 will be devoted to two essential tasks:

1. The collection of student work. As students complete the various tasks related to Project NATION or PROJECT SPACE, their work should be saved in a file format (text or graphics) or scanned and then saved as a digital file. Thursday afternoons will be available for those desiring assistance with these tasks.

2.The continued work related to the design and preparation of the WebPages using Microsoft Front Page. As student work begins to actually become real, the design of the WebPages will begin to assume a more authentic and tangible form. Thursday afternoons will also be available for proceeding with the necessary adjustments and follow-up to the Web design.

Looking Ahead...

We agreed that once the school year comes to an end we will gather for one or two full days to complete the Web Pages. The schedule most acceptable at this time seems to indicate a 9am -3pm workshop sometime during the week of July 10th (11th, 12th, or 13th). You will hear more about this as the school year winds down. 




3:00-4:15:   Return to the web pages begun last meeting. Review the agreed upon style and standards that will bring continuity to the exhibiting of our projects while acknowledging the diversity within the different approaches that characterize the work itself.

Review Creating a Web Page in FrontPage  for assistance

Web Site Design 

  • Web Site Structure

  • Basic Formatting

  • Saving Your Page

  • Previewing

  • Inserting Images

  • Inserting Links

  • Creating Tables


4:15-5:00:   Looking Ahead

  • We will take a step back from our technology work to consider next steps:

    • In the short term 

      • as the Spring continues

      • during the summer

    • for school year 2000-2001and after

5:00: Reflection and Adjourn