Audubon: PS 128

Thursday April 6, 2000
2:30-4:30 pm

Teachers College: 

50 Thorndike

Our goal for this workshop will be to finish the development and design for our WebQuest- a web based strategy for organizing and structuring the resources of the world wide web to promote student inquiry and learning. 

You should come to this workshop with a strategy that supports the learning goals described by Project NATION or Project SPACE and which lends itself to research and/or investigation by students. This will generally consist of the Webliography and the rough draft of the WebQuest you developed using the "design template" provided at the last meeting.


2:30-3:00 pm- Re-Connecting to WebQuest

     We'll take a few minutes to review examples of  WebQuests designed by teachers from all grade levels and disciplines. Then, we'll take the first half-hour or so to give you time to finalize these sections for your WebQuest:

  • Introduction

  • Task

  • Process 

  • Resources 

  • Evaluation 

  • Conclusion 


3:00-3:30 pm- WebQuest Design: 

Practicing the skills necessary to complete a WebQuest

   We'll work with your WebQuest to design and create a web page that will allow you to make your WebQuest lesson available to students on the World Wide Web.  As you proceed with your work you might want to consult the "help sheet" as a reminder of how to perform certain tasks. Specifically, we'll

  • Save your document as a web page

  • Create hyperlinks to appropriate files and web sites

  • Work with font styles and colors

  • Modify the background color and texture

  • Import images and graphics


3:30-4:15 pm- On your own. 

     Continue with the design and creation of your own WebQuest

     Before leaving be sure to save the WebQuest to your disk or to your folder in Zeus.  


4:15-4:30- Reflection and Next Steps