Advanced Course to Develop Projects:

50 Thorndike, Teachers College 

Wed, March 7, 2001
4-6 pm


Welcome and Reconnecting

  • Reminder of Workshop Goals and Schedule
  • Overview of Today's Objectives
  • Housekeeping: Money Orders, Sign up sheets and the works!

Getting to Work!

Today's session will be devoted to individual project development.

  • For those of you who are ready to get started, we will set you up so you can start developing your projects. There are work stations being prepared for your specific needs, based on your proposals (those that are ready).

  • It appears that a few of you are still working on your proposal. You should take the time to finish that first and make sure you save a complete version in your folder in Zeus (Cluster Teachers/ Wednesday Workshops folder). If you are still feeling stuck, you should spend some time looking through the following document and checking out the links to various science projects. Please make every effort to complete the project proposal so that we can make sure you have all the software you'll need in the next stage of the project's development. The proposals should be ready for the next workshop. For Elementary Science Projects on-line, click here.


  • For those of you who were not here, please click here to go to a Project Proposal document. Please take the time to fill it in as completely as you can. This will give us an idea about the project you would like to develop during this series of spring Eiffel Workshops and provide us with a basis for planning our agendas for the months ahead. When you finish, save it to your folder on Cluster Teachers on Zeus (:Y drive). Just click on File/ Save As... and name it "yourname_proposal".