Advanced Course to Develop Projects:

50 Thorndike, Teachers College 

Wed, April 18, 2001
4-6 pm


Welcome and Reconnecting

  • Reminder of Workshop Goals and Schedule
  • Housekeeping: Sign up sheets 
  • Overview of Today's Objectives 
    • Work on Projects
    • Reporting out of individual progress on projects

Getting to Work!

4:00- 5:15 pm

The first hour and fifteen minutes of today's session will be devoted to individual project development.

  • By now, all of you have begun work on your individual projects. Where required, we have set you up with work stations prepared for your specific needs, based on your proposals. If you are still feeling stuck, you should spend some time with one or more of the facilitators and let us assist you in getting you "unstuck". Please make every effort to complete or update your project proposal as necessary so that we can make sure you have all the software you'll need for the next stage of the project's development. A proposal in some form should have been completed in time for this workshop.

5:15- 6:00 pm

The last forty-five minutes of today's session will be devoted to individual progress reports on the developing projects. We'll use the "Consultancy" process to organize the presentations and feedback. Remember, this is an opportunity for the project creators to get collegial feedback and support for their efforts. 

Today's Presenters:

  • Shari
  • Alberto
  • Vivian

We will limit each presenter to 15 minutes. As you consider your presentation, you may wish to take into consideration some of the following framing suggestions: 

  • Short description of goals of project and the process involved
  • Short discussion of pro's and con's of your experience in developing and implementing project
  • Brief overview of student work resulting from implementation of project
  • Request for feedback on particular issues or hurdles you confronted in implementing project
  • Brief discussion of "lessons learned" from the overall experience


During the month of April we'll continue to develop, fine-tune, present, and where feasible, test the project in the classroom. We'd like to think of our small workshop group as "professional friends"- supportive folks willing and ready to assist as consultants in resolving issues as they arise.