100th Day of School Celebration Project

 AGENDA: Thurs. October 26, 2000 
3:30-5:30 pm
(Teachers College: 50 Thorndike)


Our goal for this workshop will be to continue the design and begin the creation of a Website for our 100th Day of School Celebration Project.


3:30-3:45   Re-Connecting 

  • Discuss some potential designs of Web pages for the project that emerged from responses to "Homework" 


3:45-4:30   Creating a Web Page in FrontPage 

Web Site Design 

  • Web Site Structure

  • Basic Formatting

  • Saving Your Page

  • Previewing

  • Inserting Images

  • Inserting Links

  • Creating Tables


4:30-5:15    Guided Practice

  • Participants will work individually or in small groups to create their own Web pages, referring to the instructions provided by the link above or click here for a more complete tutorial.


5:15-5:30  Reflection and Next Steps