100th Day of School Celebration Project

 AGENDA: Thurs. December 14, 2000 
3:30-5:30 pm
(Teachers College: 50 Thorndike)


3:30-4:15: Reconnecting and Goals:

Our goal for this workshop will be to explore appropriate web-based strategies that support the third activity in celebration of the 100th Day of School Project: "Looking Back and Ahead by 100 Years". By carefully selecting websites and using web designing tools to guide student inquiry, participants will be able to generate an age appropriate research strategy utilizing resources available on the world wide web. 

Process Overview...

We'll take a look at the upcoming schedule for the "Looking Back and Ahead" unit and adjust as needed.

December 14th

December 21st

January 4th

4:15-5:15: Work in grade level teams to create a "Webliography" of sites using the Track Star format. We'll go through the process together the first time and then, you will have the remainder of the workshop to develop your own "track". Remember that this track will provide the resources which your students will consult as they investigate their research topic. You may choose to build your own track, or if you prefer, use and amend one of the tracks that have already been created. You should strive to contribute no less than five sites to your annotated Track Star Webliography

The following general resources might prove helpful in both getting started and continuing your work...


Search Tools

Global Studies Resources

General Social Studies Sites

General Teaching Resources

Science Resources

Biological and Environmental Science

Current Events

Language Arts Sites


Primary and Elementary Sites

Teacher Resources

United States History Sites


Keep in mind an Evaluation Strategy for assessing the quality of your selected websites. Use the evaluation instrument (Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources) provided; assess the sites that you have listed in your Webliography and determine whether you should keep or discard them.

5:15-5:30:  Save your work on TrackStar and Adjourn