Leanne's Monster


My monster is not really a monster at all. He is an interesting chap that is skinny and tall. With a perfectly round head that is pink and smiling, he looks out into the blue night at the snow that is piling. His eyes are black that match his tall black hat, and like I said before he is skinny not FAT. His torso is oblong, another geometric shape, with curves at the end and sides straight like tape. He is colored sky blue with triangular legs, left lt. Blue, right lt. Green, itís like heís standing on pegs. His arms are straight black lines, his shoes black to match, and if youíre still listening HERE IS THE CATCHÖ.look to the left of your paint program screen, and you will find shapes that will make this easy so it seems. So, GOOD LUCK and BE WELL itís only a game, we are teachers not artists so say what the hell!

L Zenzele's Interpretation