BY: MISS. CORLISS





You will be introduced to many artists who worked during the Harlem Renaissance.  You will have the chance to read their poetry and pros as well as observe their drawings and paintings.  Look closely, donít miss a thing!  Notice each artistís particular style both in writing and drawing.  What  themes can you find in their work.  Notice some similarities and differences between artists.




The Task


        Choose one artist and describe the theme and style in his/her work

      Compare and contrast that artist with another artist working in the same medium

      Using the same theme, create a poem or short story




For an introduction to the Harlem Renaissance, click intro.

      To learn about Harlem Renaissance poets click on Claude McKay, James Weldon Johnson, and/or Jean Toomer.

      To learn about the visual art of the time, click on Louis Mailou Jones, Palmer Hayden and/or Jacob Lawrence.

      If you are interested in a short story, click Nella Larsen.



The Process

To accomplish the task, what steps should the learners go through? Use the numbered list format in your web editor to automatically number the steps in the procedure. Describing this section well will help other teachers to see how your lesson flows and how they might adapt it for their own use, so the more detail and care you put into this, the better. Remember that this whole document is addressed to the student, however, so describe the steps using the second person.


I.  First  you should browse through the resources listed above. 

2.  Choose an artist/writer/poet you would like to concentrate on.  Once you've picked an artist, start looking for comparisons with other artists.

3.  Öand so on.


In the Process block, you might also provide some guidance on how to organize the information gathered. This advice could suggestions to use flowcharts, summary tables, concept maps, or other organizing structures. The advice could also take the form of a checklist of questions to analyze the information with, or things to notice or think about. If you have identified or prepared guide documents on the Web that cover specific skills needed for this lesson (e.g. how to brainstorm, how to prepare to interview an expert), link them to this section.







Describe to the learners how their performance will be evaluated. You can link to a separate rubric document from here, or you could briefly summarize your criteria on this page. Also specify whether there will be a common grade for group work vs. individual grades.






Put a couple of sentences here that summarize what they will have accomplished or learned by completing this activity or lesson. You might also include some rhetorical questions or additional links to encourage them to extend their thinking into other content.