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Inwood Intermediate School
IS 52

General Information:
Principal: Mr. Leonard Latronica
Tech Coordinator: Mr. Steve Jaffe, jaffer@earthlink.net
ILT Contact: Cristiana Assumpcao
Grades: 5-8
No. Students: 1359

Contact Information:
650 Academy Street
New York, NY 10034
Phone: 212.927.9652
Fax: 212.304.0601
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I.S. 52's educational program is centered on the knowledge, skills and abilities that our students must have in order to succeed. The school curriculum committee ensures that instruction in all subject area is interrelated. I.S. 52 has extensive after-school and summer programs for academic instruction and extracurricular activities. In partnership with Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, I.S. 52 has an in-school clinic to meet our students' medical, dental and social needs. The school's bilingual program includes the Title VII dual language ""Academy on Academy"". I.S. 52 has been named a Twenty-first Century School by the State Education Department.